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Whyzer allows brands to create fun and interactive polls that are embeddable, easily shareable, and quantifiable via an analytics dashboard that features user demographics data.

EmberJS • Bootstrap • AWS• NodeJS • Express • Facebook API • Twitter API • D3.js

The Client Goal\

Whyzer wanted to provide businesses with consumer polling solutions to better understand and engage with their customers. These online polls needed to be mobile friendly, visually interesting to end users, and easily shareable via social media. Furthermore, business clients would receive poll answers and demographic data in realtime via a dashboard, and have the tools necessary to publish new polls via social media channels.

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In order to provide rich analytics to the Whyzer’s business users, each poll is given its own dashboard. By leveraging existing D3 widget libraries, the team was able to build out a grid of poll response bar charts, demographic info pie charts, social media share counts, and a visualized world map of end user locations.

Social Media Integration

In order to meet the goal of allowing polls to spread virally through social media networks, the client asked that users be able to share a ‘snapshot’ of their poll results. Since twitter and facebook only allow images and text in posted content, the Makapen devised a quick and simple solution using the URL2PNG screenshot service, in which the poll UI would be turned into a thumbnail on request. In keeping with our philosophy of using existing tools, we were able to deliver this feature cost effectively.

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