Makapen Team\

Our team is committed to strong collaboration, open communication, and excellence.

We are technology enthusiasts who work together to deliver quality code, delightful experiences, and unparalleled customer service. We build software, climb mountains, and drink cold beer together. You can’t ask more ‘good stuff’ in one place!

Ewelina Team Member Image

Ewelina Kieley\


Ewelina is focused on helping entrepreneurs solve their software needs. She also supports the development process. Her interests span people management, business development, design, and tech. She also loves the great outdoors!

Thibaut Labarre\


Thibaut is a full stack web developer and a master of "out of the box" solutions. He regulary introduces new tech trends to our team. He's always hacking on a software project, but sometimes can be found rowing or at cultural events around town.

Stephen Prockow\


Stephen is a full stack web developer who loves architecting software solutions. He crafted many of our client's MVPs as well as Makapen's tooling. When not coding or following tech blogs, Stephen can be found conquering mountains on ski or foot.

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