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We are privileged to partner with a wide range of great clients across many sectors.

We're a small agency, but we make a huge impact by helping our clients to prototype, test against real users, and get to market quickly with a viable product. Check out our featured work:

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"We have been amazed by how quickly they delivered the product, which was faster than the other contractors we benchmarked, and by how professional they were in the after-sale, making sure that everything was conformed to what we discussed and ready to tweak it if not."

Hélène Beauregard\

CEO Hype Park

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I’ve really enjoyed working with the Makapen team. They feel like real partners in my business in that they listen, care, and put forth their best advice when working on my product. Being in the early stage of my business it’s great to get this level of support while remaining flexible.

Kivin Varghese\

CEO GreenKrate

Pawzii Logo

"I love working with the Makapen team because our relationship goes beyond the general business/client shtick; I felt like Makapen was in my corner, shared my feelings and vision, and diligently strived to achieve a stunning result. It's such a rare quality and why I immensely value collaborating with Makapen."

Alec Matias\

CEO Pawzii

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