Trap Neuter Release

Pawzii is a leading pet licensing software company that gave back to the community by building a feral cat tracking tool for animal welfare volunteers.

EmberJS • Foundation • Firebase • Google Maps API

The Client Goal\

TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) programs have been started around the country to address the growing population of wild, feral cats. These programs depend on volunteers, working with local veterinarians, to locate and trap wild cats. Most are self funded and record data via paper documents.

The Pawzi team wanted to help these underserved communities, and worked with Makapen to design and implement a mobile web app. The goal was to help the TNR community get a clear picture of where feral cat colonies are being reported via mapping tools, use this information to more effectively plan volunteer activity, and maintain a database of trapped, vaccinated and neutered cats.

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In our research phase we read through books, guides, and articles to better understand the problem and the process of trapping feral cats. We spent time interviewing local organizations and individuals to identify the key features that needed to exist in the first releasable version of the software.

UX Design

In the design stage we focused on creating an experience that allowed for faster and more detailed data recording in the field. We accomplished this by leveraging the Google Maps API to geolocate users allowing them to record the location with a click of a button. Input is given through a guided wizard that eliminates as much typing as possible and provides essential information quickly.

Rapid Prototyping

To deliver a high quality product with limited resources we used Firebase to take care of our back end functionality and Ember.js for rapid development. We were able to release the first version for public use after 6 weeks of development.

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