Media Rails

MediaRails tools help manage the success and performance of marketing activities. Their tools aggregate data from various network channels and display it in an organized and meaningful way.

Kibana • Elasticsearch • AWS • Cloud Formation • OpsWorks • Chef

The Client Goal\

MediaRails wanted to create an easier way for marketers to manage their various advertising channels. Since advertising data comes from multiple outlets (e.g. affiliates, social media, etc), they needed a centralized dashboard solution that organized this information in an meaningful manner. In addition, their business clients needed flexible charts and graphs, which is why Makapen was tasked with developing their client-facing dashboard tool.

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In order to complete the client’s request of importing sales transactions and displaying the data on a dashboard, Makapen leveraged the power of Elasticsearch and Kibana. We spinned up a 3 node Elasticsearch cluster and installed the Kibana and Kopf plugins. These plugins helped build the custom graphs and charts MediaRails uses to let clients turn their data into immediate, actionable insights.

Client Education and Handoff

It is important to us that our clients feel empowered and confident in the products we build. Since Elasticsearch and Kibana are emerging technologies, we helped initiate the project as well as assisted in the handoff and education of the MediaRails development team.

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