We build MVPs and prototypes for startups.

What makes Makapen different? We regularly survey and test web technologies to ensure we are baking in the best and latest technology into your product. We are a small team working on big challenges in an empathetic and honest collaboration with our clients. We make a huge impact by enabling our clients to prototype, test against real users, and get to market quickly with a viable product.


Our goal is to understand your mission, goals, and circumstances so that we can help you make technology decisions that fit your situation. We spend time listening to you, asking questions, and bouncing ideas until we know what it feels like to be in your shoes. Next, we take the knowledge back to our team to digest and get everyone’s input. Finally, we present our thoughts and suggest a starting point. We know things change and we want to move with you.


We deliver a fully functioning product starting from Sprint 1! Our process begins with identifying features and goals for each sprint. Then we work on implementation for 2 weeks while giving you access to our progress so that your feedback can be incorporated real time. When we deliver results, you already know what to expect.

Our pricing is fixed and estimated prior to each sprint. This leaves you with no surprises about costs. Because the product is functioning and hosted from the beginning, you can begin testing your software any time.


Once your product is ready, we are always here to help support it in whatever capacity is needed. Some of the teams we work with begin hiring an internal technical team. In those cases, we’ve helped transfer knowledge through team learning sessions and have helped supplement development by working on one-off features. We can also set up a retainer to maintain projects, support bug fixes, and make small changes. If you ever need additional features, we can plan another sprint on your timeline.


We care about what we do. We enjoy challenges and love to learn. This is why we choose to work with entrepreneurs.


  • Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) that harness the power of existing technologies so that you can build more for less. We work in two week sprints and deliver functional features from sprint 1! That way your users can try the product from day 1 and their feedback can be incorporated into following sprints. This iterative process breeds faster evolution.

Rapid prototyping

  • We love the energy, scrappiness, and innovation culture of hackathons. The founders of Makapen actually met at a Startup Weekend and our team still regularly participates in hackathons. Through this experience and having worked with many entrepreneurs in building MVPs, we understand the first steps that founders need to take before paying developers.

Additional Features

  • We also help founders through their pivot process. Sometimes there are existing web applications that need new features or a new approach. We can help evaluate your product and help you improve it from where it was left off. Or develop a new feature that plugs in to your exisint technology.

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